Beach Connection Magazine : Fall 2017 Spring 2017 - Page 5

DAGOBERTO ESCOBEDO 2003, B.S., ACCOUNTANCY Senior Accountant, CSU Chancellor’s Office “To this day I remember what my College of Business Adminis- tration (CBA) mentor, Paul Brennan `90, told me about corporate America: ‘Your professionalism is everything.’ This made me strive to be a helpful and respectful employee. I would tell a mentee to be a sponge and to learn everything you can. I was his mentee through the CBA’s Student Center for Professional Development Junior Mentoring Program.” KARLA GUTIERREZ 2014, B.S., FINAN CE Legislation Analyst, Healthcare Company “With experience as both a mentee and a mentor through the SCPD Junior Mentor- ing Program, I can provide advice to both. Mentors, your mentees may be shy, reach out to them every few days to find out how they are and how you can help. Mentees, don’t be afraid to reach out, ask all the questions you want and share your goals.” JIM HINES 1971, B.S., CIVIL ENGINEERING President, Isolutions Inc. “Mainly, my mentor Dr. John Dawson taught me to slow down, consider all parts of a problem, and to make sure nothing important is flown over. My grades turned into A’s, and I have used his advice throughout my career and when mentoring young engineers now.” MICHAEL MOSS 1981, B.M., MUSIC INSTRUMENTATION 1981, CREDENTIAL Career & College Pathway Coordinator, Santa Ana Valley High School “Russell L. Campbell `73, my high school band director, was my teacher, my mentor, my benefactor and my friend. He lived the motto ‘Use the music to make your students, not the students to make your music.’ In seeking a mentor, selecting a like-minded in- dividual from a discipline you are passionate about pays exponential dividends.” CARLOS NAVARRO 1989, B.A., LIBERAL STUDIES Director, Educational Services, Hemet Unified School District “As a student, I was hired as an assistant to the sailing instructor. He was a huge mentoring figure for me, and there were often times that we spoke about campus life, my background growing up as a Chicano in the inner city of Los Angeles, and how I became interested in sailing. He told me he admired my perseverance and my work ethic. He made me feel like an integral part of the CSULB family!” THOMAS NGUYEN 2007, B.A., SOCIOLOGY Human Resources Generalist, Homes for Life Foundation KATHERINE JOHANSEN 1982, B.S., DFA 1990, MPH, COMMUNITY HEALTH EDUCATION Realtor, Orange County “Mentoring Megan Cleary `97 at the UC Irvine Health Education Office, I loved watching the enhancement of both her writing and verbal communication skills as well as her exposure to a variety of health education methodologies to better serve diverse com- munities. I learned from her to be calmer and more organized. And I earned a friend for life. She’s amazing.” “As a mentor to CBA student Celeste Uribe ’18 through the college’s Junior Mentoring Program, I advise potential future mentors to have good communication and set a good example. Setting a good example helps to es- tablish credibility, rapport and trust with the mentee. Providing clear expectations in the beginning of the mentor/mentee partnership and sharing honest feedback throughout the mentoring collaboration are critical. It is also important to be committed to the collabora- tion, be punctual and responsive.” SPRING / SUMMER 2017 5