Beach Connection Magazine : Fall 2017 Spring 2017 - Page 2

• Welcome Your Association at Work Beach Family Day ■ DUFRENE The CSULB Alumni Association has heard the call of Beach fans, students and alumni alike urging for an event at an LA Dodgers game. That’s why we are bring- ing you the first annual Beach Family Day @Dodger Stadium on April 4 to watch the LA team as it takes on the San Diego Padres. For two years in a row, more than 4,000 Beach family members attended this event at Angel Stadium…now it’s time to show us how many Beach Dodgers fans will come out! For more details, visit Your Association was at this year’s Multi-University Alumni Career Fair at USC on March 10. Last year, The Beach had the third highest number of attendees just after USC and UCLA, and was one of only two CSUs represented! The event featured more than 100 employers from various industries wanting to hire graduates from top-tier universities. Some recruiters included: AT&T, E&G Gallo Winery, Kaiser Permanente, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. President’s Message In the last couple of years, the Alumni Association has increased its efforts to en- gage with more alumni and friends in various ways. I thank you for responding and demon- strating your support to our alma mater. Students and alumni from various fields, interests and backgrounds have been paired in the past six months with the launch of our mentoring program. Students have jumped at this chance to consult with seasoned Beach graduates who can share their guidance on resumes, interview skills, industry knowledge and grad school. If you are interested in supporting a student through their academic and professional trajectory, find out how to become a mentor on page 4. Was a mentor to a CSULB student. Responded to various surveys, including those for Beach Connection. Shared your enthusiasm about our future home, the Anna W. Ngai Alumni and Visitor Center. Brought your families to Beach Family Day @Angel Stadium, wearing Beach t-shirts. As a Beach alum, you may be eligible for special rates on auto, homeowners, renters, life and health insurance through official partners Mercer Consumer and Liberty Mutual Insurance. To learn more, go to membership benefits at Or call Liberty Mutual at 1.800.981.2372 for auto, home- owners and renters; or Mercer at 1.888.560.2586 for other insurance products such as health and long term care. Mention that you are a CSULB alum. Learned about financial topics such as buying your first home at the Beyond the Beach seminars. Toured the Annenberg Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage. BOARD OF GOVERNORS Reminisced about our 49er history at the Golden Graduates Celebration. RECENT ALUMNI VETERAN WOMEN AND PHILANTHROPY TRATION HILLSIDE RESIDENT TIC BOARD BEACH GRANDPARENT PRESIDENT’S SCHOLAR UNDECLARED RECENT ALUM ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE We appreciate your support! BEACHSIDE RESIDENT Kathleen Hansen, ’75, ‘82 RESIDENT SCIENCE President, CSULB Alumni Association DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE 2 BE ACH CONNEC TION HONORS OF COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COLLEGE OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE EBM JAPANESE GARDEN STUDY ABROAD COLLEGE OF CONTINUING & PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME MEMBER TECHNOLOGY SERVICES COLLEGE OF NATUR SCIENCES & MATHEMA COLLEGE OF THE ARTS GOLDEN EMERITUS GRADUATE ASSOCIAT CSULB FONT ATHLETE BRICKEE BAARD SAFE ZONE ALLY 49ER FOUNDATION BOARD COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DOUBLE MAJOR WOMEN AND PHILANTHROPY STUDENT GOVERNMENT BEACH PRIDE MENTEE ER UNIVERSITY HONORS GOLDEN GRADUATE LEGACY SOCIETY ASSOCIATED STUDENTS, INC. ALUM BEACH PARENT BEACH FAMILY CARILLON SOCIETY DISTINGUISHED BEACH STUDENT PRESIDENT’S SCHOLAR BOARD OF GOVERNORS BEACH PARENT BEACH ATHLETIC BOARD EBM JAPANESE GARDEN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING STUDY ABROAD DU$D5ETDT@$T4544DU0d$DDT4u4U%d4U0$4DR$U4DT@d5TESD$UTtDTTU$EU04TtR`DR%E04TtR`%U4U52DԔ5E$DeUEU$P$T45ETDT@FV&&R&WBW"'GVFW2W&F6ǒ6V6WBW"vV'6FR@wwr77V"VGRVB&fFRW0vFW"VFG&W72Bwwr77V"VGRVWFFR5ETDT@dd%04TtR`Ĕ$U$%E0dTDTU 4DTԔ2dd%0$U4DTN( 0$54D $T4TBTФD$T5D.( 24$4PTdU%4E%0TU$D4TE4U%d4P$%"$T4DTu$TU0TD 4T"5%@DU$D5ETDT@Tt544UE$T4u$E$T@$U4DTDU4pT544D$$@FFVBF7W'BW"&w&26VFrFRVw&G2&w&ख7W&6R&VVfG0)j7V&֗GFVB֖F2f"FRF7FЦwV6VBVv&G26V6WBFP&V6VG2vvW&R6VV7FVBF2V vRB$U4DT@VVF&p)jW"VvvVVB6VFVC44UEVFVfW'6GV6&VW"f )jSD$UTՔ$T4TdU%4E$TD0bDUdTT@u$TT$U4DTN( 0544DU0$U4DTN( 0$54D vBw2U"&V66V7FFR6V7F2RfRFW"FW"&W&W6VBFP6W&6W2bW"&V6&FRg&fVFVW&rBWfVG2VF&r"VfrW"&BFRV'&6( @FW&R26'FvRbv2F&R6V7FVBvB&RW"f&W2&G2vFFR&V6WBW2pvB6FVv&W2g&FR6fW"ǒFRBvBV6PƖ2RFFRVfW'6G6&R66VFvF677V&V"VW2@V77V"VGR