Beach Connection Magazine : Fall 2017 Spring 2017 - Page 19

Alumni Board • CSULB ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS President Kathleen Hansen ’75, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences; ’82, MBA President, Financial Planning Department Inc. – President-Elect Robert "Bob" Irwin ’67, B.A., Mathematics Service Delivery Director, Computer Sciences Corporation (ret.) – Past President Kathy Bazarian ’72, B.A., History Teacher Specialist, Downey Unified School District (ret.) – Vice President, Business Development Colleen Bentley ’71, B.A., History Director of Special Projects, CSU Chancellor’s Office (ret.) – Vice President, Programs Kurt Brouwer ’00, MPA Buyer, City of Newport Beach – Vice President, Marketing & Communications Kim A. Armstrong ’88, B.A., Radio/TV/Film; ’91, M.A., Instructional Systems Technology; ’ 94, M.A., Special Major Senior Manager, Enterprise Learning Strategy and Infrastructure, The Boeing Company – Secretary/Treasurer Thomas Moore ’95, B.S. Computer Engineering and Computer Science Director of Software Development, Roundbrix MEMBERS Edward Apodaca ’84, B.A., English Language and Composition Dispatch & Translation Specialist - Network Field Ops, Verizon Global Network Service Delivery & Assurance (ret.) – Kim Anthony ’01, B.S. Marine Biology ’09, M.S. Biology Environmental Project Manager, Southern California Edison – Elizabeth Crepps ’09, B.A. English Literature Associate, Mayer Brown LLP – Jerry K. Galbreath ’62, B.S., Criminal Justice Senior Compliance Consultant, Auto Advisory Services – Lucia Kos ’75, B.A., Spanish Manager, Corporate Contributions, Southern California Edison (ret.) – Alyce LaViolette ’69, B.A., Psychology; ’74, M.S., Psychology Psychotherapist, Consultant and Trainer ARE YOU ENTHUSIASTIC, SERVICE ORIENTED Marnos Lelesi ’83, M.A., Educational Administration Principal, Long Beach Unified School District (ret.) – Austin M etoyer ’11, B.S., International Business Research and Policy Manager, Downtown Long Beach Associates – Robert "Bob" Miyasaki ’81, B.S., Zoology Dentist, Tri-City Dental of Cerritos (ret.) – Robert "Bob" Spidell ’65, B.A., Economics; ’08, Doctor of Humane WGFW'0V&Ɨ6W"7FVV&Ɨ6r&WB␮( 07FFW''( s"VvƗ667VFBbVFW'666f ֖FFRBv66&60( 07( "vVw&766FRF&V7F"r&V66G6VvRfVFF&V66V7F7&r7VW"#p6RF( @766FRf6R&W6FV@VBVfW'6G&VF0v&vWV7WFfRF&V7F 55T"V766FF&V7F"V&VF0( @֖6VRfW(  V&w&26&FF VƗ6R'&vF֖7G&FfRW&F26&FF V֒wVWf&( 767FBF&V7F"67FGVVB&VF06&7FW"wWFW'&W( @6&FF"b7GVFVBB&V6V@V&w&0W&&W&VWfVG26&FF 6ǒ66ƖW6W"( pF&V7F"7V6WfVG0( @6F7BW2V77V"VGPwwr77V"VGRV搣Sc"㓃RS#S" ッ2rFg&VR7F6V7FVB77V&V搤FFFFVWFrgVǒG2&ƖvF2`F67&֖FVFW"fVFW&B7FFPr55T"26֗GFVBF7&VFr6ЦVGv6FfW'6RVF6ƗfRV&Bv&F7W&RbFW&6R6fƗGB&W7V7Bf"FR&vG2B6V6Ц&ƗFW2bV6FfGVvFWB&Vv&BFV6֖27FGW2WF2&6w&VBfWFW&7FGW2ƗF6fWw26WV&VFF FW"W'66&7FW&7F72"&VƖVg2खb666FW"6W'frFRV766F&&BbF&V7F'2W"7W'BB6֗FV@6VV7W&RFB55T"6FVW2F&RR`FRFV&Ɩ2VfW'6FW2FRFV6R6F7Bv&vBSc"㓃Rs v&v77V"VGRB$TTB$T4$DSV6RFRW"RFG&W72"@V"bw&GVF&RW6VB'55T f"FRFWfVVBbVfW'6GffƖFV@&WFr&w&2bRFBv6FfRF2f&FW6VBV6RFgFPV&VF2ff6R'VFV77V"VGR"'RBSc"㓃RS#S"Fg&VRBッ2rFR2W&W76VBFW6RvW2FBV6W76&ǒ&VfV7BFRff6Ɩ6W2`FRVfW'6GF֖7G&F"F6RbFP6Ɩf&7FFRVfW'6G&&BbG'W7FVW25$r5TU"#p