Beach Connection Magazine : Fall 2017 Spring 2017 - Page 11

■ Men’s Volleyball vs. Cal State Northridge Sat., Apr. 8, 7 p.m. – Walter Pyramid – $7-$11 See the fourth ranked men’s volleyball team, led by 2012 U.S. Men’s National Volleyball coach Alan Knipe, spike the Matadors in the last home match of the season. See the ‘Niners tune up for the play-offs! For tickets, visit or call 562.985.4949. ■ 2017 CSULB Regional Economic Forum Fri., April 14, 7:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. – Long Beach Convention Center – $45 The Department of Economics and the Office of Economic Research (OER) coordinates and conducts applied economic research on important problems facing the region, state, and nation. The annual Regional Economic Forum is led by OER and provides an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Greater Long Beach Region. For reserva- tions call Cerise Dragicevich at 562.985.5062 or visit www. ■ California Repertory Production, Nora Translated by Frederick J. Marker and Lise-Lone Marker April. 14-April 23, 8 p.m. weeknights, 2 p.m. and weekends 8 p.m. – Studio Theatre – $14/$17 A stark, new vision of the ground- breaking play about one woman’s attempt to assert her own identity — and the shocking revelation that changes her destiny. Famed director Ingmar Bergman commissioned this new adaptation and followed Ibsen’s text but enhan 6VBFR( 0VVRV6גbG&F07FBFV6fW2FRF7bFR6&7FW"76v6'G&G2f"&Rf&Ff6Bwwr6F77V"VGR 6Sc"㓃Rs)jvV( 0FV2g2ࠒT26F&&&&6B&R"( 0&FW2FV26VFW ( 0g&VPvF6vV( 2FV2fWB66T26F&&&&BW7B&WfVvRF2fF6bFR&VwV"6V6FR&V6vffR66V7RЧFfR&rvW7B660&Vf&R6rFRFFRFFPvV62#bf"f&Ff6Bwwrv&V67FFR6Ц"6Sc"㓃RCC7W'BVf&VFFFfW2f"&Rf&ЧF6F7B6&7FW wWFW'&WBSc"㓃RS 6&7FW"wWFW'&W77V"VGR"f6Bwwr77V"VGRVWfVG2)j&WBFR&V67VW'2)j7W7F&ƗG6W&W3ƖfR62f"7W7F&RƗfrFR&#BrࠒvVB&b( 0$26fW&V6R&Ю( 0CGW&rV'FvVVF26V֒Ц"vF67W72rR6VB7W7F&RƖfRW VƗ7G2vF67W72v0FBFfGV26&Rw&VVBr&w&2FR6Gbr&V6&RVrF֗W ( 0V&'W&2֖W W6Rv&FV( 0g&VPv&FV7FfbBFP55T"6VGBW 'FW'2vFFR6Gbp&V62vR6v66Rw&VV&7F6W27&726W2%5e&WV&VBf"F2WfVBVFFRV&Ɩ2f"&Pf&Ff6BvV"77V"VGR֗62v&FVFF72&WGW2WfVBF)j&vƖpf"&0g&&#R( 06&vWvB4( 0( 0FV2bfW"CSBWUdTrtDԔ4TdT5DT6B&#"6'VFW"W&f&֖r'G26VFW CsRCsP( FR&76F"bFRw&VBW&66v&( FPVFFV6VƖrfV7FVW&f&2W6WFFW'&WFF2bFRv&Bw27B&VfVB6w>( Fg&ЦVvVG27V62'fr&W&ƖGVRVƖwFB6R'FW ( BFVƗfW&rFƖr6rFBvVfRR6VW&rfV7FVw2#W26w2V"fR6VFVBW&f&6W0B6&VvR7FWW&W6RB'V6v6R&6VVG2g&F2W&f&6R7W'BFR'G2f"ƖfR&w&W6W6fR6vRFB6VFW2FR'GVGFVWB"fV7FV7BW&f&6R26f&Rf"&Pf&Ff6Bwwr6'VFW&'G2&r"6Sc"㓃Rs&vf"6W6R7G&RWFVB&vvrF@&6VVG2vFFWF&66"Ч62FFFRfW"Cc0&VV&6VBBfW"66"Ч62v&FVBf"VW7F2 F&Vv7FW"6Sc"㓃RS2 wwr&vƖr6FV&V66)j55T F6R66W'@vVBg&&#b#ࠒ6B&#"b( 0'F"V&VF6RFVFW ( 0CbC#FRFW'FVBbF6P&W6VG2G2Gv6RV&ǒ66W'@b&vF6Rv&2'f7VG6&Vw&W'2@wVW7B'F7G2f"&Rf&ЧFf6Bwwr6F77V"VGP"6Sc"㓃Rs5$r5TU"#p