BDC Magazine 2016 - Keepmoat PEXHURST article in BDC September 2017 - Page 7

INTERIOR FIT OUT & REFURBISHMENT SPECIAL PEXHURST workshops, light industrial units and studio space, to suit the needs of different clients. Workspace has commissioned Pexhurst to work on a number of projects including the refurbishment of a former Sanderson wallpaper factory. This was a complex scheduling and co-ordination project in which Pexhurst refitted four floors on one side of the building while the other side, which shared common access, remained occupied by multiple tenants. The most challenging part of the pro- ject was the roof replacement as this had to be carried out from a scaffold cantile- vered from the top floor. Moreover, the tightly-scheduled construction programme meant that we had to fit out the lower floors while the roof replacement was underway. A distinctive aspect of this refurbish- ment was that the top floor was given a “Dragon’s Den” look, with walls sandblast- ed back to bare brickw ܚˈHY[\™[YY]Hܚ8$\X[\H[H]HY\\Y\X\\H]ZXBۘ\Y\H][[˂'X[Hو\Y[]\X]\Hق۝[Z]HوY[YX]YX[X[\]ܚXYX[HۈXYX˜Y[8'H^\Xˈ8'\۝XX[YB\\]H[\HX[HوX[[˜۝XX[Y[Y[[[Y\BX[\[Y[ \YܙH][HKB[8'ۙH[و۝X8'HY]B؋ۈX[H\[ۜ\Y[][\B\[Y\Z[[ۛYH[Z[ BX[]H^\Y[H[ܙ\\\ۈ[ BYH[[Y\[^\\\˸'BH[[H\[H۝[Y\H[œ[ X[K܈^[\K]XY\[T]\܈]0[HY\ڙX][Y]܈Y[[\ܜܚ[]ۙۋH0[HڙX ݙ\ HYZ[Y[\[[^\[Y\\Y[ܚ]HۙۈٙX\X[YY][XX[\X\P[[H[ݘ] BYX\[ۈ\XK[X]]Hو^\8&\ۙ]]H\]˜X[]HXZ[Z[[\YX\ۈYX\XK]\\^H[\HXܙY B]][ۜX\TL KT M H[T N K]YX[\Y[\˜[[Y][[[ܜܘ]BH]\XK[XYHB۝ۈY][[ݘ][ۋ[\ܝ[K]\Y^[ۙ][\ܝH\HZ[YXH]\Bۈ[ [[\YHH^[B\][ۈ\YHH\Y\[ۜX[ۋ[YY ]Y\][ۈ][][ۜ\]H\HZ[X[Hو]\Y\š]HܚY]H\[H܈[ܙB[ YX\ˈ܈YK^\\KB[HYۚYX[ܝ[ۈوZ\\ݙ\'Hܚ[H]\[\HB]HH\\XK8'H^Z[X˂^\\[YYYXH]˜\ۈ[ \وHY]\Y[RSSTQӈ ӔPSӈPQVSB