BCS Advantage Magazine Winter 2017 - Page 14

Raising the Banner High Owen High’s Dynasty Team By Benjamin Rickert, Communications Department Imagine for a moment what it would require for a team to win ninety consecutive basketball games- the time and commitment- week after week, and year after year. For seven years. It’s almost unthinkable because those who did it still hold a place in the history books. This legendary accomplishment is why the “Dynasty Team” girls of Charles D. Owen High School who played between 1964 and 1970 will never be forgotten. In the 60s, tireless fans packed the gymnasium. Sarah Horne, whose name is The banner was presented after etched into Owen’s athletic Hall of Fame, says there was usually only standing the Owen High vs Enka High room available. “At the time, we were so naive,” she recalls. “We didn’t know we basketball game. were setting records.” Still, years after their historic reign, the Warlassies had a score to settle. Back when the undefeated team played, Title IX was yet to create equal access to sports for women, meaning that while there was a local county tournament for the girls, there was no state championship to win and no banner to display above their court. Coach Bill Rucker would arrange games with distant teams to give the girls a fresh challenge. “A lot of big-girl-athletes passed through here back then,” observes Horne, “and I feel their numbers should be hanging there.” On November 30th of 2016, Owen set the record straight under the leadership of Principal Meg Turner. While the school typically only hangs championship banners in their gym, an exception was made for the Dynasty Team. Between games, and in front of fans from across the region, the former teammates walked onto the court to be greeted by cu ɕ)̰ݕɔɕ͕ѕݥѠ܁ȁѡЁݥɭѡȁɕЁȁɔɅѥ̸)I]̰ͭщЁѡUٕͥ䁽9Ѡ ɽ́ݕ́ Ʌ)ͽѡݥՅѕɉ)Mȁ ݰaaaY%$ѠɔɅՅѕ́=ݕɽєѕ́ɽمݡݕɔɕՐѼѡݽ+q5䁑՝ѕȁݼͽ́ͼ啐ͭщɔṕͅѕєMͅ ͡ɑȰݡɅՅѕ)`ā͍ɥ͕́́ɽ՝ͥٔȰqͼӊéɕѼɕ镐t)ȁݽ!ɹ̰ͅqQ́́ѕ݅ɐt() ɕЁ]ɱͥ́́ɕЁѕѕ́ɽ)ѡдѕ̸)Q幅Qéȁɕ̃p ͕ѥٔ]ϊt