BCS Advantage Magazine Winter 2017 - Page 12

Celebrating the Voices of Children By Jennifer W. Knapp, Speech Therapist, Buncombe County Schools “Listen to yourself and in that quietude, you might hear the voice of God.” –Maya Angelou Treasuring the resplendent autumn colors as I drove my dad’s truck along Elk Mountain Road the other day, it occurred to me again that the children who come to speech therapy are just as lovely, just as unique, and just as bright as the vibrant leaves falling from the trees along the road to Woodfin Elementary - and so are the melodies of their voices. Most people understand that speech therapists help children improve intelligibility, social language skills, or stuttering. These issues are important because they can place academics and self-esteem at risk. But over the years, I have come to a deeper understanding of my vocation. This work is only about voice. A child’s voice is authority in the world, and as such, engenders the respect of others. A child’s voice literally discloses the unique essence of that child, which is a gift from the very first cry, “I AM HERE!”— we learn that we are capable of relating ][XZ][ݙHHH[\ܝ[[H\[\[]ܙX]\X[]H[Y]H[\]\ˈ^Bܚ[[XH[H\ܙ[[X]\\[][وXH܈\[[Y][Y\[[[\\XH\\][ˈۙYH ]ܘYHH]YXX[ۂ\Y\[YH\ [H\Yܚ[ۂHX\و[YX[KT\\ܜ\BYHXXXK[\HXYH\YX[[[X]\K[]X[KH[YY]HYH؛[B][ HZYYK8'HY[H۸&]YYYX ]Y][H^H\\]K'BHYYX[H]YY\[[X]]Y\]B\\Y Y][Y\Y\[ܚ]YH][ ۈۙH\X[\^KH\][[[B[\[HܜXX[Y[و\ۙYBXZHH[ \ۙHܙ][ܙX\[B[\]Y[ [[[HHZY[\]X[K8'HS&UUx'H[\YܞKL[ۈ Y H[[ZZ Y HXXH]\\˂[H ]ܘYHH\ܞK\x&\[[\ܝ[X\ۋ[\]YH\H\H]]BX]]][و\][ۋH[\\[ۈ܂ZK[H[H\وHYZ[[X]H[[ [HXYY]H^[YBHY] H[X[HZHH\\Hٙ[H^\[ۈ\Y HZY 8'ZKHۛž[x&]HY[\H\]YX]ܚ[ۈ^K]8&\\ZH]X\Kx&[XYHܞK[x&YZH[H\[܈H[ 'HHYܙYY [[H\HۙHHZY 8'[HۛHY[وZ[HYHX]ۙH^HXZHH[ [H۸&]ۛY][[[H܈ ]BX[H۸&]]H[][KY'HHYܙYY HZY 8'[[HH[[]H]H'B[HZY8'QT'KH\Y[H\ܚXHZ[^HۈX[HYHX]HY[][[HZ[ˈB\Y[H[وHY\و\ۙYH\BY[[\\\[\\HZ[ˈH]œX\\[[HYY]\ۙYH[\œ][ۋHY]YH[ZY 8'T'B^H^Y\][YKH\\Y][K8'SBQUx'HHZY ]Y[YK8'SHQUHSBTRQUHVHUQRSHVHUQRSx'H[BZY 8'T8'Hۘ[[K