BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 20

“ I will attend Appalachian State University in August to pursue a degree in Psychology. I aspire to become an Autism Specialist and help those with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. I chose this path because my little sister was diagnosed with Autism at a young age. Erwin High has taught me essential life lessons that I will forever carry with me. This school has taught me to push myself to reach higher than I thought was possible, to be my best and strive only for greatness, and to help others with what I am given. “ K atlynn V illegas W illiams A aron S prouse Clyde A. Erwin High School Charles D. Owen High School “ In my time at Owen, I’ve learned the importance of surrounding myself with great friends and good influences. I faced some challenging times, but my teachers were there to support and help me. I started JROTC my freshman year and that’s changed my perspective. I’ve learned that I’m good at communicating with peo $݅ЁѼЁѡ䁅ɔ)՝$ͼɽٕ䁱̸ͭ͡'e)݅ɐѼѡ́Ёѕȁ䁱'eѕ)1QЁ啅ȁѼ͕+p+p)ѕȁ͍$݅ЁѼЁ 9ѡɽ՝)Qٕȁѡյȸ'eѕQȁݼ)啅́Ѽɸͽїéɕͥѡ)ݥэѼȵ啅ȁչٕͥ丁Q!Ѡ=ѥ)ѕ́Ё!Mݡ)չЁ$݅ѕѼՔ!)Mɕɔ䁽ɥɕЁ)Ѡѥ͕́́Ս́!ѠM) Q䰁!ѠQIѥ̸)!M(+p)ɽ币0