BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 19

“ Owen has helped me grow as a person in many areas of my life including, but not limited to, physical fitness, the ability to comprehend complex concepts within an educational environment and the world around me, and, most of all, the ability to function socially and connect with my peers. Also, I have learned important stress management skills through drama courses and JROTC. All of the skills I learned at Owen will carry over into a career with the U.S. Marines. I thank the Owen staff, students, and teachers for shaping me into the man I am today. “ R yan O gle “ Charles D. Owen High School In my time here at Reynolds High School, I learned discipline and how to conduct myself through football and JROTC. My honors and AP classes were incredibly challenging at first but my teachers were supportive, and I learned important study skills. The most important lessons I learned that I would pass on to incoming high school students are to take risks and push yourself. Don’t be afraid to branch out and make lots of friends. Also, take advanced classes. Accept that they will be challenging, but that’s where you’ll learn the most. Next year, I’m enrolled in ROTC at Clemson University. “ PJ C ampbell A.C. Reynolds High School “ After high school, I will attend Blue Ridge Community College and get my pre-associate’s degree in nursing, and plan to earn a paramedic license in the summer. While I am going to school I will be working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), hopefully at Mission Hospital. My aunt is a huge inspiration in my life. She has been a CNA for 29 years and has been my role model since I was little. Enka High School’s Career and Technical Education program allowed me to graduate with my CNA. S amantha T urzak Enka High School 17 17 “