BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 18

“ After high school, I will be attending Columbia University to major in Mechanical Engineering. Afterwards I will pursue a graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, but first I am going to join the Navy in a bid to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a Navy SEAL. At Erwin High School, I found amazing people who genuinely cared about me, like the school counselors. They taught me that life is what you make it and that the worst thing you could ever do is underestimate yourself. “ K orie W agner Clyde A. Erwin High School Kincaid will attend the University Participant (UP) program at Western Carolina University this fall. Open to only four new students per year, the UP program will provide him with a two-year, on campus living and learning experience to foster independent living. Kincaid feels proud to be chosen and expressed excitement about living on campus, watching baseball and basketball games, and going to classes. After finishing the UP program, he hopes to get a job in retail. K incaid F uller Progressive Education Program “ 16 “ L auren J ones North Buncombe High School My high school experience was beneficial to my educational future because it showed me what I have to prepare for in college. I loved being involved in the online Career College Promise courses with A-B Tech in which I earned a year’s worth of college credits. I participated actively in the health science classes and am now working as a CNA. I have been accepted into the RIBN program through A-B Tech and Western Carolina University, and after I earn a BSN I plan to work in a Cardiovascular ICU before furthering my education to becoming a nurse anesthetist.