BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 17

“ After high school I plan on attending West Point and majoring in Life Sciences. Enka High played a major role in preparing me to go to West Point. Through the Student Government Association program I was taught leadership skills. Through the wrestling program I have been able to stay athletically fit, as well as having the motto “noth ing is given but everything is earned” drilled into my head. Enka High School has turned me into a better prepared cadet for West Point. C hristopher B ang Enka High School “ “ Nashville and Anaheim are not just vacation destinations; they are extensions of my education at A.C. Reynolds. I learned so much by attending DECA marketing and leadership conferences in both of these cities. With the support of my DECA advisor, Mr. Charles Furlow, as well as Principal Sellers and BCS, I was able to demonstrate the knowledge I gained in Reynolds courses at two international DECA conferences. This broadened my worldview, taught me business etiquette, and encouraged me to follow my passion for business. Thanks to dedicated staff, I have found a new curiosity for knowledge. Next year, I’ll attend UNC Chapel Hill. “ Z eke T rezise A.C. Reynolds High School “ Mrs. Smith, our apparel teacher at T.C. Roberson, has changed my life. She taught me everything I know about fashion design and continuously encouraged me from entering freshman year through applying to colleges. I am thankful that I can honestly say I have close relationships with several teachers- everyone has been so supportive of my fashion goals as well as my aspirations for their classes. I feel that the teachers of T.C. truly want every student to fulfill their potential. Next year, I’ll study Fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. B rooke U llman T.C. Roberson High School 15 15 “