BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 15

“ I will attend UNC Asheville this fall after getting a letter of recommendation from my social studies teacher. I have always wanted to go to college, and I feel like Middle College has helped me to prepare for that. At Middle College we are trusted with more responsibility and expected to make our own choices. This has given me a chance to turn my life around and get things together. I do not think I would have been as successful without the resources I have been offered here. “ J ames S parks “ Buncombe County Middle College Walking out of North Buncombe this June, I feel ready to tackle college head on. Each teacher I have gotten the chance to learn from had their own unique styles of teaching. This caused me to adapt and learn in multiple ways every single day. Specifically, teachers like Mr. Bowman, who teaches physics, really helped me realize how college will be. Ms. Gill, who teaches English, taught me to how to effectively write an essay and persuade people through words alone. I am so honored to be graduating from such a great high school, and I look forward to what is to come. R oss T hurman “ S ophia S wift North Buncombe High School Charles D. Owen High School “ Owen High School has been the perfect environment for me to develop my interests and skills. Owen has a great fine arts department that continues to grow and improve. I discovered my passion for music at Owen Middle when I took band, but it was in high school that I confirmed my love for the arts! I have expanded my skillset by joining the chorus and acting in the spring musicals. I truly believe that Owen has prepared me to continue my education at Berklee College of Music by sparking my desire and motivation to be a life-long learner. “ 13 13