BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 14

“ After high school I plan to go to UNC Chapel Hill. I’m not sure what major I want to pursue, and many people told me that UNC is the ideal place for undecided students to go. Many of the teachers at Enka High School showed me what potential I had. They encouraged me to take many AP classes, which I thought I was completely incapable of. I am grateful that they pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to pursue a higher level of learning. “ J ohn K olodich Enka High School Rebeccah has been volunteering for MANNA FoodBank and will continue to do volunteer work in the community. She likes to clean and fold clothes, skills that will benefit organizations that support the community. PEP has helped Rebeccah become more independent, confident, and sociable. She likes to type and enjoys being around other people. R ebeccah D illon Progressive Education Program “ T.C. Roberson High School 12 “ M itchell S tanek In my four years at T.C. Roberson, I learned calculus, chemistry, English, and so much more; my teachers and classmates guided my personal development during this important stage of my life. All of my teachers opened my mind to new ways of thinking and encouraged me to analyze problems from a variety of perspectives. My classmates’ diverse backgrounds made me more culturally aware and exposed me to different opinions. I am confident that my Roberson education has prepared me exceedingly well for college and beyond. Next year, I’ll attend Davidson College.