BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 12

“ High school has helped me come into my own. I have learned the value of hard work and determination from cross country and track. I have learned how to analyze situations and come to logical solutions. During my time at North Buncombe, I have done things I would not have dreamed myself to be capable of before. Through the encouragement of incredible teachers, I have been able to apply myself outside of the classroom. High school has been a place where I have expanded my horizons, learned fantastic and important lessons about the world around me, and realized my potential. “ L uke S healy North Buncombe High School “ Owen High helped me figure out my future plans. The summer before my sophomore year, I had the chance to go on Outward Bound with other students from my school. The theme was Spanish, which was incredible! This experience through Owen sparked a love for global education and helped me decide to take a gap year to explore another culture and language. Next year, I am excited to study abroad in Guaymas, Sonora in Mexico. I will spend the school year there with three different host families, hopefully becoming fluent in Spanish and learning more about myself. When I return, I’ll attend Berea College. “ M aya R osener Charles D. Owen High School “ 10 “ B renda G onzales -M artinez Martin L. Nesbitt, Jr. Discovery Academy Rising Senior. The people here at NDA make this school unique! The staff, families, and students are what I love most. They are very kind, understanding, and intellectually challenging. It has brought me joy to be able to go to this school and meet all the different people. It’s exciting to be among the first class of seniors. We were the first students to step into the school, and we’ll be the first to move on. As Principal Allison says: “We are the future of our society.” It will be exciting to take advantage of all the gifts this school has given us!