BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 11

In this special issue of the BCS Advantage Magazine, we celebrate our graduates! You’ll meet students from all of our districts and find out the most important lessons they learned here in Buncombe County Schools. 7 1 0 2 “ T heodore F rater If I had to describe my high school experience it would be ‘unforgettable.’ Every year has brought new challenges and new successes. I’ve had access to a wealth of knowledge both academically and socially, which isn’t something everyone has the privilege of receiving. While I can’t say that I have my whole life figured out, I am confident that my experience in high school has shown me the road I’d like to go down and the person I’d like to be at the end of it. Next year, I’m attending North Carolina State University in Raleigh. T.C. Roberson High School “ After high school I will return to A-B Tech to receive a degree in Emergency Medicine. I will become a nationally certified paramedic. I decided to pursue this path after completing my senior project, an internship at Fairview Fire. I automatically fell in love with the job after the first call. Early College prepared me for this path by encouraging me to be persistent through all the challenges. They also assisted with setting my plan to return for my next degree. My dreams wouldn’t have become my career path if it wasn’t for the supportive staff at Early College. T abatha M orrow Buncombe County Early College 9 9 “