BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 20

Life at Buncombe County Early College by Hadley Buckner, a third year student Buncombe County Early College is a 5 year program housed at A-B Technical College. Students graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree. Coming to Buncombe County Early College (BCEC) was the most important, life-altering decision I have ever made. Before high school I didn’t feel like I had found my place, and it was so refreshing to come to this school and discover everything I had been missing. At BCEC, students find opportunities to learn and feel more connected every day. It’s such an awesome environment where everyone wants to help us succeed; for me, this continual support is a major reason why I love my school. At first glance, BCEC is a little intimidating. When BCEC teachers visit a middle school, they will emphasize the college level assignments and high expectations they have for us. While it is true there is plenty of work and we have to have to apply ourselves every day, the benefits outweigh the fear. I know that college seems a million years away, but it’s closer than you think, and having a head start on your future after high school will be something you’ll appreciate the rest of your life. When students are asked why they came to BCEC, the answers are basically the same: “I thought it was the best option,” “I wanted extra college credits,” “I wasn’t happy with regular high school,” etc., but in the end the reasons they stay are most important. We’ve found a place to be ourselves, we’ve received support from dedicated teachers, and we’ve become involved in the amazing groups and activities, such as our school garden, student government, and newspaper. Students come to BCEC for the unique learning opportunities, and we stay because having access to college classes has shown us career ]x&]H]\[XY[Y [XH[HX\HYH\Bۙ\[]\XYYHX[HYH[[ܝ[]Y\˂B]Z[T\[[YZ[HHHHHBN ]M HHB\[x$Sؙ\HBSQRSHBX\] Z\X۝[Y[I[]Y B]Y[RSM X[ RSLZ[P\][IB[[\[ۈܙY][[ۂ܈Z\[\\\ܝق[XH[HB]\H\B\\[\Y[™܈Z\[ܜ[ܜBNB ]MN HHBݙ[X\x$SX\B\IH\ HXK H[\ H[Y\ H[ BY\K Zۙ^K ][K ZY[XYIYYK BܘM H\ HY H[Z\ HN\ BY[XYIHXIHܙX[IH[ H HH]X B[ܙHIBӐQTQTSPTU MM P]\ TY P\][K SIL IB LLLMLI]˝ۘ٘\Y\X\] ܙI