BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 16

Making (More) Beautiful Music Owen Middle School received a $10,000 grant to boost their strings program! Black Mountain Swannanoa Valley Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina awarded the money. The grant will be used to purchase instruments and music. Specifically, OMS intends to purchase 5 violins, 3 f2B6V2"FV&R&76W2FV&R&72&6BW622FVƖRvV6( 2wFw&FR7G&w26722V&r6RWrW62शV"7&V6०6'VVWFW"VV@7W6"6V@VvFG6@vW6Wv&&VR@WwWF&RVgBfƖƖPFf2&vBfƖVV"'F@FvR@6fFֶ2@VV"46&2F&VvW"66WFrWrFVG2&VwV"W'3Fg&FSФ&rG&֖6Ɩ3Fg&FsCVӃ3ФvB6Ɩ2BvVVVBW'2'FVBǐ@"VF6&G&fR7VFR6WfP##SBS3#bwwr6WfWVFG&726