BCS Advantage Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 10

Duke Energy Powers STEM Elementary Education in BCS with $50K Initiative The intersection of technical capabilities with communication, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and teamwork – STEM – it’s changing the world! Supporting effective education programs and initiatives that emphasize science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is a critical focus for Duke Energy. By fostering a growing interest in the STEM fields for students, our communities will continue growing and producing skilled workers who bring new thinking and innovation to our lives. “STEM educ ][ۈ\]X[ܙH[XX[XX[XX8'HZY\ۈ[[ݙ\Y[[[][]H[][ۜX[Y\܂ZH[\H[\][K8'SHYX][ۈXX\Y[Hܚ]X[[\ܚ˜\HX[HH؛[\YXܘ][ۋ[][ۜ[HHX\ٝ[XY\[\[][]K'Bݙ\H\YHYX\ZH[\H\Y[XHݚYH[ܙH[ [XB[H\ܝ[Y[HSK\[]YYܝ[Y[ΈڙXXYH^K\]Z\Y[[[܈\ؚ]\ݙ\HXY[^H[\]Yܘ[\[\HݙBوSH[ZYH[[[Y[\Hˈ[X[KZH[\HݚYY L[\BSK\[]YYX][ۘ[ܝ[]Y\]XXوH[[Y[\H[[XH[K'ZH[\H\[YY\ܝ[XH[H[Z\]Y\ܙX]H[ܙYXB[ݘ]ܜ[XY\[\[][]K8'H[YY SK\[]YYܝX\X[H]\H[[XH[K\H[\[[XY\\Yܝ]Z\\X]HˈX\\۸&]\[HXY[ ]\]Z\\\[ۋYX][ۈ[]HHXX\YZ[\]ܜ[Y[˂[XH[H]H[H[[X[][ۋ