BCS Advantage Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 13

science. During our composition of the atmosphere unit, I talked about power use as it relates to the greenhouse effect and global warming. We discussed water desalination, why this technology was important to Singapore (due to Malaysia controlling the water supply), and Singapore wanting water independence. We’ve also discussed land reclamation and conservation of energy in Singapore. There, they dry clothes on bamboo sticks that hang from high rise buildings! I’ve shared pictures of signs from the orchid gardens in Singapore with students to get ideas percolating about how to design signs for our pollinator garden, Monarch Butterfly waystation, American Chestnut Germplasm Conservation Orchard, and upcoming River Cane project. In addition, I took several pictures of the murals in Singapore, and we’ve gotten approval to work with Warren Wilson College’s art department to paint a large retaining wall on OMS property. This mural will represent our new three word mission statement- Heritage, Growth, Promise- and will help connect our community and students to the rich heritage we have here in the Swannanoa Valley and Black Mountain art communities. The Singapore experience has become a part of my teaching and personal life. I draw from the knowledge I gained — sometimes daily! I’m so grateful for being sponsored for this trip. It was an invaluable and enriching experience that lives on and keeps giving back. 11