BCS Advantage Magazine Spring 2016 - Page 27

The choice is yours. As a school teacher, principal, wife, mother and daughter, Bonnie Johnston had gladly dedicated her time to improving the lives of others. After the passing of her mother, Bonnie caught her reflection in the mirror. The woman staring back at her wasn’t who she wanted to be. Tired of feeling tired and struggling to shed those extra pounds, Bonnie wanted to be well and regain something she had lost – herself. After attending Prime, a Mission Health education event for women, she enrolled in the My Healthy Life program and began setting concrete nutrition and exercise goals. Now 23 pounds lighter, healthier and stronger than ever before, Bonnie didn’t just find what she thought she lost – she created the vibrant person she wanted to be. Whether you’re trying to be well, get well or stay well, Mission Health’s My Healthy Life offers you and your family access to the best people, resources and advanced technology to help you achieve and exceed your goals. To hear more personal stories like Bonnie’s, visit: mission-health.org/BonnieACT Be Well. Get Well. Stay Well. 26