BCS Advantage Magazine Spring 2016 - Page 15

determine what changes need to be made. “Eventually when we get to the final stage of building it, it will be made of aluminum because aluminum is lighter,” says sixth grader Emmy Saltzman. will never recover the use of his legs and keeping them runs the risk of developing pressure sores and infections, which could prove fatal. It is a difficult decision, but it will help Clark, ultimately, live the best life possib K'^HYHܙX]X[و\X\[\[\›X]\X[[ܚ܈HZ\HZY X\B]\ܚ[\H[Xܜ][YH\YZ[[YZ[8'HZY\ 8'HY[X[H^B\X[ۈ[[]]x'HHY[[]HXZHYHZ[܈[\BY[Z\\Yۋ][Z\\ܚ[[XB]]H\[ΈH]Y[Z\[H]]ۂYH܈\H\\]K8'][Y[X[H ܂H[Hܚ[ۈ\ڙX YH[H\WH\Y[Z\8'H^\[X[8']\YH\\Yۂ[HXH]][X] 'B\[X][\ڙX\]YY[[\ܝ[\ۜX]XX[\X][ۜوX] [[Y\[X[]ܚ[\]\[K\\HXX[\X][ۂوۘ\^x&Y[HXY[ˈ[ܝ[][KHX[ ]ܛY][Y\\[[^XY[[\˂\\XY^[H\[ \&\\^\B[YY]H\Y[\]]Y[HZ[YZ˂Xܙ[\]\[\X[[\X[\\\ \¸'H[H[X^Y]H][و\[ۈ\HY[\YY[\ڙX 8'HZY\ 8'H]H[^\YY[\\ۈY[][[Y\[\[ܙH[\Yۚ[H\܈HXX[H܈ܘ[[Z[H؛ \[[[Y\H]HHX[]HYX]\[B[XZH]\]\Y]H˸'BM