BCS Advantage Magazine Spring 2016 - Page 12

Erwin High School Warriors’ Cheerleading: For the Win All photos courtesy of “Lockwood Media” T he Erwin High School Warriors have long been recognized for their excellence in cheerleading. In the past 13 years of competing for the state title, the team has won 11 championships and two “runner-up” designations – a staggering accomplishment and a source of great pride for the school community. For 10 of those 13 years, the team was led by Coach Kim Ponder, who rejoined Erwin for the 2015 season after a short time away. With 22 young athletes eager to bring home another state title, the team dedicated themselves to the task at hand. Not only did they win the state title in their division (Large Varsity NT D1), they placed third out of 145 teams overall, missing first overall by only 3 points. “You have to out-work every other team there,” Ponder said about competition. “The physical will usually come if the mental attitude is strong. Weight training, mental toughness, attention to detail, and a champion attitude are key focuses of a great t V( Х7V66W726VW&VFrFW27V6Bb7GVFVBЦFWFRFWG&B6WFRfW&6VǒFPvR&6r6FV֖72BFV"&VwV"6VW&p66VGVW2f"fF&B&6WF&6V62W&ƖW2V6֖r7&BvVVBbFP&WFW2FbbF2FRv&2vfR&6FFR6VGF&Vv&VwV"fVFVW&rF26V6FRFVB66r7Ffb&Rw&FVgVf"FRvr7W'BbFR6VG&VG2&7FW"6V"BFRFfGV2vfPVVBFV7V66VVB6VFrW&V&vw2֖P6WFBG"'&vW'vv( 2&6rf'v&BFRFVFVBFV2V6F&PW6FVB&WB( FRgWGW&R2fW''&vB( W6FVBFvF6VrVvW"v&2FWfVFGW&RWVV@VrFW2&VGFFRFRv&B( FG0FW"( FN( 2vFN(