BCS Advantage Magazine Special Edition #1 - Page 8

HUMAN RESOURCES BCS is Buncombe County’s second largest employer. As of November 2016, BCS employs 3,752 people. BCS offers a local supplement in addition to the state salary base, comprehensive professional development, strong support for beginning teachers and innovative environments for educators and staff. Opening in Spring of 2017, BCS also provides affordable teacher housing. The Williams-Baldwin Teacher Campus will offer 18 units at a reasonable rent. BCS IS HOME TO THE 16TH LARGEST NUMBER OF NATIONALLY BOARD CERTIFIED TEACHERS NATIONWIDE. BCS EMPLOYEES NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFIED TEACHERS (NBCT) Licensed 55.3% 3,752 EMPLOYEES 377 EMPLOYEES Non-Licensed 44.7% Other Licensed Staff w/ National Boards 83 Classroom Teachers w/ National Boards 294 Programs • Services Academics • Athletics • Arts Human Resources • Budgets Global Education • Digital Learning S.T.E.M. • Transportation • Nutrition Graduation • Purpose & Direction 6 BuncombeSchools.org