BCS Advantage Magazine Special Edition #1 - Page 7

STUDENT SERVICES Understanding that students benefit from instruction and achieve academically only when their primary physical, social, and emotional needs are met, the Student Services department implements school counseling, school social work, school nursing, and homeless education supports designed to provide the services that ensure personal wellness and safety, teach social emotional skills, develop self-regulation, and encourage career and college readiness. POSITIVE BEHAVIOR INTERVENTION AND SUPPORTS Buncombe County is one of the few counties in North Carolina utilizing a district-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) framework. This model provides behavior expectations, supports, and intervention to all students based upon demonstrated need and response to intervention. Students at Eblen Intermediate take the Good Character Pledge as part of their PBIS program. COMPASSIONATE SCHOOLS In 2014, BCS Student Services was awarded a $1.2 million Elementary and Secondary School Counseling grant to implement a Compassionate Schools model. Ongoing strategies to achieve improvement to our programming include:  rofessional development for teachers on the P impact of chronic stress on the brain and its effects on academics and behavior. I  mplementation of Second Step social emotional learning curriculum proven to positively impact academic achievement. The program has four domains: Skills for Learning, Developing Empathy, Emotional Regulation, and Problem-solving. I  ntegration of mindfulness to improve classroom behavior, academic focus, and personal wellness of students and staff. r g o r in P the Community • s all m a staff c i v r e S for Model, e raining s T Resiliency a set of 6 wellness and A intervention c i m e d a c stressed t A to • s re-engage l h learning. c i t e skills t r A • in s active s brains s t e g d u B • s e c r u o s e R n a m u H g n i n r a e L l a t i g i D • n o i t a c u d E l a b o l G n o i t i r t u N • n o i t a t r o p s n a r T • . M . E . T . S n o i t c e r i D & e s o p r u P • n o i t a u d a r G g r o . s l o o h c S e b m o c n u B 5