BCS Advantage Magazine Special Edition #1 - Page 6

SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS Beyond the core academic programs, BCS provides an array of specialized programs and differentiated instruction to meet the learning needs of students. These include:  CADEMICALLY OR INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED (AIG) PROGRAM starting with 3rd graders; A Currently, the AIG student enrollment numbers 3,519 students, 14.2% of the total student population. E  XCEPTIONAL CHILDREN/SPECIAL SERVICES: BCS identifies the unique learning needs of our students and provides support to foster classroom success. A comprehensive continuum of services is in place for students with disabilities which range from the Progressive Education Program at the district level to Resource Inclusion at the school level, with each school providing many special education services. E  NGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE AND TRANSITION PROGRAMS for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students; Current LEP student enrollment is 1,833 and they are served by 32 ESL teachers in our schools. T  ITLE I READING INSTRUCTION in 25 Title I schools. STUDENT POPULATION BY GENERAL ETHNICITY American Indian 0.3% Asian 1.3% Black 6.8% Hispanic 16.2% TOP 5 LANGUAGES SPOKEN IN BUNCOMBE COUNTY SCHOOLS – English – Spanish White 70.6% Multi-Racial 4.3% Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander 0.4% – Ukrainian – Russian – Moldovan Programs • Services Ac POPULATION ademics • At BY STUDENT hlet GENDER ics • Arts Human Resources • Budgets Global Education • Digital Learning S.T.E.M. • Transportation • Nutrition Graduation • Purpose & Direction Female 48.8% Male 51.2% 4 BuncombeSchools.org