BCS Advantage Magazine Special Edition #1 - Page 21

STEM EDUCATION/ MARTIN L. NESBITT, JR. DISCOVERY ACADEMY The Martin L. Nesbitt, Jr. Discovery Academy (NDA) opened for the 2013-2014 school year. It was the first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) academy in Western North Carolina. Each grade level is comprised of 100 BCS students from all 6 of our districts. NDA provides a challenging curriculum focused on preparing students for real world problem-solving and developing talent in STEM fields. The student-centered curriculum uses a project- based approach. NDA merges educational practices with business principles. Internships and additional college course/AP opportunities are provided during students’ Junior and Senior year. COURSES FOR COLLEGE CREDIT – Success & Study Skills – Writing & Inquiry – New Games – Writing/ Research in the Discipline – G  eneral Psychology – I  ntroduction to Sociology – Art Appreciation – M  usic Appreciation – American Literature I – British Literature I – Pre-Calculus Algebra s e c i v r e S • s m a r g o r P – Pre-Calculus e d a c A t A • s c i m Trigonometry h l e t i c s • A r t s – General n a m u H I t e g d u B I • s e c r u o s e – R Calculus s Biology – General L l a t i g II i D • n o i t a c u d E l a b o l G g n i n r a e Biology n o i t i r t u N • n o i t a t r o p s n a r T • . M . E . T . S p r u P • n o i t a u d a r G e s o FACTS: r i D & FAST n o i t c e NDA – I  ntroduction to Computers The average GPA is 4.1; the average class size is 20; every student is provided a computer; and NDA’s state school grade is “A”. g r o . s l o o h c S e b m o c n u B 19