BCS Advantage Magazine Special Edition #1 - Page 18

ARTS DISTINCTION. The purpose of the arts education programs in Buncombe County Schools is to help each student find his or her artistic voice. As arts educators, we work to help our students collaborate and manifest creative, problem-solving, globally-minded strengths in their areas of expression. In our schools, talented students have the freedom to seek originality and distinction. They lead the charge in presenting award-winning visual art pieces, stunning dance and musical performances, and high-quality theatre productions such as Hello, Dolly, West Side Story, and The Little Mermaid Jr. 3,707 DANCE & VISUAL ARTS STUDENTS 5,529 IN MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL BAND, STRING, & CHORUS 600+ THEATRE ARTS STUDENTS M  usic and visual arts for all elementary students L  ocal, Regional, and State Performance Opportunities Programs • Services Academics • Athletics • Arts Human Resources • Budgets Global Education • Digital Learning S.T.E.M. • Transportation • Nutrition Graduation • Purpose & Direction 16 BuncombeSchools.org