BCS Advantage Magazine Special Edition #1 - Page 15

CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION The mission of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is to help empower students for effective participation in an international economy as world-class workers and citizens. Programs in Career and Technical Education are designed to contribute to the broad educational achievement of students, including basic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics, as well as their ability to work independently and as part of a team, think creatively and solve problems, and utilize technology. Career and Technical Education (CTE) is offered in all intermediate, middle, and high schools, with nine CTE concentrations based on Pathways or Career Clusters; According to Power School (2015-2016) duplicated enrollment for students in grades 6-12 was 16,797. Of that, 6,396 students were in grades 6-8 and 10,401 students were in grades 9-12. LIST OF STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES: – National Career C W7FW'26&VW 'GVFW0( 2s&w&&V0( 2uv&&6V@V&p( 2t6&VW"FV667GVFV@&v旦F05E4( 22R2b"R2( "2"r( 2"tGW7G'RB22B"( "22BRB( "22&V6v旦V@7&VFVF0R2BRrBR"( "2R2"R( 22Ru"&fW766V7F0"pr"RBrB( "B( 22RtbB&VRR6VvPB( "RB0B"BR( "BB"2"7&VF@RB"pB2R"BbR2"R( "( 2tB'2Gf6V@WfV6W'6W0( 2t6&VW"&VFV@7VW"60r"222R"2R 0