BCS Advantage Magazine Special Edition #1 - Page 11

REVENUE SOURCES: State Public School Fund Allotments $139,741,052 $442,443 Other State Funding Federal Grants Fund Allotments $17,962,124 Other Federal Funding $12,092,196 County Appropriation $58,503,679 Other Local Revenue $23,386,446 Appropriated Fund Balance $8,344,178 Total $260,472,118 TOTAL REVENUE Other Federal Funding 5% Other Local Revenue 9% Appropriated Fund Balance 3% Other State Funding 0% Federal Grants and Fund Allotments 7% County Appropriation 22% THE BUNCOMBE COUNTY SCHOOLS FOUNDATION (BCSF) was established in 1984 to assist the Buncombe County School System with needs that cannot be met through regular funding methods. The Foundation makes continual efforts to provide money and in-kind donations for innovative and creative programs, student scholarships, teacher development and additional teacher requests that otherwise may not be funded. The BCS Foundation provides the tax credit for our donors. State Public School Fund Allotments 54% in the 2015-16 school year alone, BCSF also awarded over $150,000 in classroom and innovative education grants and over CSF7W'@FRVFW"R662F&VvWBFR77FV( 0666F7G&7G22R2b"R2( "2"r"2B"( "22BRB( "22RB22BRrBR"( "2R2"R2R"Rr"RBrB( "B2RBR"pB"BR( "BB"2"B( "RB0( "BRB"pFR$54b2F&VR"FFfW2f"gVFsB2R"BbR2"RFW&R677&w&G27GVFVB66'60f"w&GVFr6V'2B6&7FW"FWfVV@FFfR6VBFRVFW"R$54bvfW2fW"C#W"V"F$52w&GVFW2खFFFFF26vf6B66'6&w&r"222R"2R