BCS Advantage Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 10

Owen Middle School The Great Outdoors By Tim Reaves, Digital Communications Specialist At Owen Middle School, students take an active part in making their campus a fun hub for the outdoors. As part of their Natural Impact Initiative, students have made several improvements to the 40-acre campus, including a beautiful mural, natural landscaping, and native plant restoration. Students work on problem solving and cooperative learning through the low ropes course. Owen’s outdoor learning environments make it possible for students to learn experientially and connect with nature. “When our students see what it takes to maintain landscap Y\X\^HZHۙ\\وH\XH[\H܈]ۈHZ[H\\8'HZY][ YܘYHY[HXX\][Hܘ\]K'H[[HZHYH[Z\[Y[H\وHX[H^][[\ۛY[[ڙXH\Hܚ[ۋ'BY[[[Y][]܈\ڙX˜X]]YHH [ܙH[ Y[[Y[]\[\\H^Y[Z[[]܈]\[][H\ܞHووH[[H[^B]H]\[[\H[[[\ܚق\Yۈ[\ 'H\KY[[XYHY][›Y[[ܘXK8'Hܘ\]HZY [XXYX\][ YܘYHY[Z\H[[X\H][\[]HH[[H]\[ZYH[\X[YY\][][]Bܙ[^][ۜ\[]\[KZ[YY [[Y\X[\]Y\ۈH[\\˂و\K[YYH[Y[\[›XZ[Z[Y [ZYH\\\Y][Y]HY[][]\Kܚ[[X[\XX[]\\ [[\[X]\]Z]H[Z\[\ۛY[ 'H][ۛZ\\Y\HZYB\]HH\\ٝ[[][ۈY 8'Hܘ\]HZY 8'\HX]]Y\[œZ[ܘHH[Y]وܚ[\HX[H[]][H[]HXH[][]K'B']\ܙX]]\Z\]][]\œ[[^H\و^H^H]^H\[œY][܈^H 8'HZYYY[KX[YY\]\\\\YX\\[B[\\]YHX[\ 'Y[Y[[][]H\\ܚ™[Y[HX^[Z^HHX]]H[\Y[\›و\[\\8'HZY[ZYH[\[[H]\ˈ8'X[HZZ\\H[\Y