BCS Advantage Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 9

Extreme Makeover: Library Edition Contributors: Amy Lunsford, Woodfin Elementary and Katy Darty, North Buncombe High “Our students are amazed by their new library,” says Amy Lunsford, media specialist at Woodfin Elementary. “This media center transformation is a blessing to our school.” Thanks to generous donations and fundraising help from the nearby Reynolds Mountain Homeowners Association, the Woodfin Elementary library has been transformed into a bright, contemporary learning center. This project caps a two-year, over $100,000 investment from the Reynolds Mountain HOA. The main goal was to increase students’ access to technology. “We wanted to get involved because we understand the value of a good education, and we wanted to make sure our neighbors’ children have the best education possible,” says Reynolds Mountain resident Lori Herlin. “Working at the elementary school level is important to get the children started on the right track.” North Buncombe High School’s library also got a makeover! This project was a practical hands-on learning experience for the Interior Design, art, and welding students! Led by media specialist Katy Darty, the students helped transform their library into a modern and welcoming space! Ms. Darty describes how a simple idea turned into a meaningful school project! When we started this project we had no idea how much it would grow. We came up with the idea of updating our library, but we didn’t know where to start so we teamed up with our Interior Design II class for help. Our students brainstormed and came up with our color scheme and proposed ideas of how they wanted our space to change. We also had help from other areas of our school. The Interior Design students did most of the sanding, priming, and painting, as well as updating our coffee tables with 啅ɉѽ́ɽɄ9 !L)啅ɉ̸=ȁݕ́ɕѕ܁饹)ٕ́͡ЁɄ̸ٕ͡=ȁЁѕ)ɽ́Ё٥ȁՑ́ЁɅ)ѡ݅ȁѕȁ́ѡ屔)́ݽɭ́и)Q́ݗeٔٔѕɅ͙ɵ)ȁɅ䰁Ё́ͼՍɔݕܸ)eԁeЁЁ͵́ͽ́ԁ݅ѡɽ՝)ѡ̸)%׊eѼɸɔЁѡ]1Ʌ)ٕȁ܁ѡ9Ѡ չ!Ʌ)ɕ́ɕѡȁ́ɽ)ѡչ䰁Ѽ Mمхɜ(