BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 58

General Information Shuk Details Program Schedule Additional Information 56 The Secret to Becoming a World-Class Leader + Lessons in Architecting Your Own Reality, Courtland Great leaders commonly say that while each chapter of their life story happened for a very specific reason, when they started paying attention to one specific force - a force that is born at that delicate intersection where their heart and mind meet - they had true breakthroughs in their leadership and impact, and really started living the life of their dreams. In this session, we will unearth that secret force as we discuss relevant leaders of our time who exemplify this type of thinking, the recipe for following your own truth and true vocation, how to find the intersection of the mind and heart and what to do when you get there. Facilitator: Audrey Buchanan, NPR Generation Listen; Elliot Davis, BBYO Northern Region East: DC Council Sessions: Limmud 2, Limmud 3 That’s the Worst: Dealing With Tragedy When Working With Kids and Teens, Marriott M302 You know what’s the worst? When someone dies, or someone is bullied or someone finds out that they are ill. You know what else is the worst? When you have NO IDEA how to talk about it with you friends, your family, your campers, your students, your staff and your volunteers. The good news is that, even when things are the worst, it’s possible to learn how to discuss those things in the best imaginable way. This session will help you learn how to approach sensitive topics in a way that will make the situation not necessarily better, but slightly less than the worst. Facilitator: Sara Beth Berman, URJ Camp Coleman and The Davis Academy Sessions: Limmud 2 The Temple Bombing: Why Atlanta’s Largest Reform Temple Was Bombed by the Klan, Marriott M302 Learn about the civil rights history of The Temple and what youth can do to combat negative race relations today. Facilitator: Rabbi Peter Berg, The Temple Sessions: Limmud 3 They Say A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words, But There are No Words for a Picture As Beautiful As You, Lenox More important than the stories pictures tell are the ways in which we interact and grow with our stories; the ways we receive and perceive other stories; and the ways we make them their own. As individuals, we hold great power through our experiences and stories. But as a group, when our experiences become shared, our moments can go to a whole new level.  Facilitator: Aliza Goodman and Scott Frankel, The iCenter Sessions: Limmud 2 Turn Up Your Stand UP: How to Rock Your Social Action Campaign, Regency V Stand UP for WHAT. This session features pro tips from, the country’s largest organization for young people and social change. Learn how to build and execute the best philanthropy event in the history of philanthropy, from programming to engaging your chapter and the community to promoting your campaign to making the biggest possible impact. Bam. Facilitator: Ben Kassoy, Sessions: Limmud 3 Value the Value, Marriott M105 Test your values with your peers in regard to the ideal Israel you would like to see in the future. This is an interactive fun workshop with NFTY’s three Israeli shlichim: Lev (NFTY CWR), Omer (NFTY STR) and Lior (NFTY MAR). Facilitator: NFTY Schlichim, Israeli Schlichim Sessions: Limmud 3 Volunteering to Create Change: The Repair the World Way, Limmud 1: Hanover A/B, Limmud 2: Spring Spend time with Repair the World discussing how you can take your passion for helping others through volunteering to the next level. You’ll do some of your own brainstorming, hear from others and learn how Repair the World has created volunteer projects in local communities that have an impact on real needs, attract lots of young adults on a regular basis and are fun, too! Learn what it takes to create change in your own backyard by donating your time and effort to those in need. Facilitator: David Eisner and Jamie Silverstein Zinn, Repair the World Sessions: Limmud 1, Limmud 2