BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 57

Tell Your Story Through Poetry, Piedmont Uncover the stories that guide your life and the power they have through this poetry workshop. IN-Q will open up the mind and the heart with his poetry, then help you dive into your own life to write your own poetry and story. Facilitator: IN-Q, Slam Poet Sessions: Limmud 2 and 3 (2-Block Session) The Dreamer Within, Learning Center d Each and every one of us is unique and significant in our own special way, filled with the power to make our biggest dreams become reality. Catch a glimpse of the dreamer that is most certainly inside of you and unleash your potential to make a difference and leave your mark on the world.  Facilitator: Orly Wahba, Life Vest Inside Sessions: Limmud 1, Limmud 2, Limmud 3 Shuk Details The Freedom of Objectivity, IC Newsroom Why straight-up journalism matters in the age of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Together, we’ll explore how objectivity advances good policy. Facilitator: Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraph Agency Sessions: Limmud 2 The Responsibility of Storytelling, Hanover F No matter what subject is covered, the journalist’s primary function is to tell a story. But it’s so much more than writing down a few thoughts or a casual conversation. When a journalist sits down with an interview subject, that subject is entrusting their story with that journalist. It’s personal. So how do you do it? CNN Producer Rebecca Angel Baer (and BBG alum) will tell you all about how she’s made storytelling her profession. She will walk you through her process and share some tales (and she’s got a few!) from her eight years on the road with the world’s best cable news network. Rebecca writes and produces human interest feature stories for CNN, HLN and Facilitator: Rebecca Angel Baer, CNN Sessions: Limmud 2 Program Schedule The Art and Passion of Hebrew Kirtan: Opening Your Heart Through Music, Meditation and Study, International South Hebrew Kirtan – inspired by a form of devotional prayer developed in India – is call-and-response, participatory chant where short, sacred phases from the Jewish tradition are treated as powerful, universal meditations. It is at once contemplative, ecstatic and plain old fun. Facilitator: Rabbi Andrew Hahn Sessions: Limmud 2 The Light and Dark of a Burning Fire, University d When you are asked for your opinion, do you shout it out loud or do you remain silent? Do you lie? How do you navigate hard question