BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 55

Monopolity: The Fun Game of Israeli Politics, Marriott M109 Do Israeli politics confuse you? Do you understand what happened in the elections and why? If not, we can clear up the confusion! Facilitator: World Zionist Organization Sessions: Limmud 2 Questioning What Is-Imagining What Could Be, Marriott M108 Immense strength and opportunity comes from questioning the status quo. Use some proven tactics to evaluate the current situation you and your region find yourself in, and imagine what could be. Then, make a plan to get there! Facilitator: Barrett Harr and Rebecca McDonald, NFTY Sessions: Limmud 3 Redefining Globalization, Hanover C Join Jake and Roni as they unveil BBYO’s brand new definition of Globalization! If you’re interested in learning about our global Jewish community and how we can all connect as one family, this is the Limmud session for you! What more could you ask for? Facilitator: Jake Nitzkin and Roni Rose, International Mazkirim Sessions: Limmud 3 Shuk Details NFTY — NO: Mythbusters: Israel Edition, Marriott M107 In this workshop, you will tackle myths and truths regarding Israel through an interactive game. You will gain a spectrum of knowledge pertaining to Israel. Most importantly, you will learn how to respond to the myths and negative rumors about Israel in real-world situations. Some topics include, but are not limited to, Israeli conflict, Israel’s history, a day in the life of an Israeli, Israeli food, inventions made in Israel, various religions living in Israel and much more! Facilitator: NFTY-NO iFellows, NFTY-NO Sessions: Limmud 2 Over 21 Million People Are Enslaved Worldwide. What Can We Do About It?, Regency V This will be a collaborative presentation and open dialogue with Michael Hebb and Eileen Levinson focusing on the critical issue of human trafficking/ modern slavery, its relationship to Passover and the power of new media to reshape the Passover experience. This will help your Passover have the flexibility to address current issues, expand participation and result in direct action. Facilitator: Michael Hebb,; Eileen Levinson, Sessions: Limmud 1 Program Schedule NFTY — NEL: The Game of Life- Israeli Style, Marriott M107 Remember the Game of Life you played as a kid? Come play it again as if you were an Israeli. Take a stroll down the path of life as an Israeli. Start your life at the beginning of your army career. Continue through marriage, kids and housing! Do you want to live your life on a kibbutz or in the old city? By the time you’ve completed your mandatory army service are you going to continue and hope to become a major? Or do you want to begin your family life? You might choose to leave your army post and become an inventor, will you invent the new hot item? What’s next? It’s up to you as the Israeli of your dreams. By the end of the game, you will feel like you’ve walked a mile in an Israeli’s footsteps. Facilitator: NEL iStreet Fellows, NFTY-NEL Sessions: Limmud 2 Netzer — Learn About Israel, Marriott M303 Facilitator: Netzer, NFTY in Israel Sessions: Limmud 3 Additional Information Movie — “Above and Beyond”, Marriott M 301 The first major feature-length documentary about the foreign airmen in the ’48 War, “Above and Beyond” brings together new interviews as well as stunning aerial footage to present a fascinating, little-known tale filled with heart, heroism and high-flying chutzpah. Sessions: Limmud 2 and 3 (2-Block Session) NFTY — STR: Israel on Campus: Defending Your Beliefs, Marriott M107 Experience what it’s like to be a Jew on a college campus without paying $40,000 tuition! Join the discussion about anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in colleges around the US and witness college life as the breeding ground for political and religious uprising. Facilitator: NFTY-STR iStreet Fellows, NFTY-STR Sessions: Limmud 3 53