BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 54

General Information Shuk Details Program Schedule Additional Information 52 Jewish Life on Campus, Inman Hear from a diverse panel of college students and professionals engaged with campus life to learn about the options available to you in this next phase of your education and your life. The panel will address ways you can engage in Jewish life, getting involved in the Greek world, and what to be prepared for when it comes to Israel, among other questions you might have. Recommended for Seniors only. Facilitator: Adam Maslia, Israel on Campus Coalition Sessions: Limmud 3 Jewish Models of Leadership, Embassy E The Jewish tradition offers a wellspring of ideas that provide critical tools for becoming a leader. Using three different Jewish texts, this session provides valuable leadership skills and reinforces the Jewish tradition as a resource for contemporary learning. Facilitator: Rabbi Lou Feldstein, Dynamic Change Solutions Sessions: Limmud 3 Judaism on Trial, Roswell In this mock trial, debate how “Jewish” a fictional teenager is, presenting cases to juries of your peers. Show off your debate abilities and acting skills in a test of character that is sure to make you think! Facilitator: Laura Wiseman and Ethan Wiseman, BBYO Central Region West Sessions: Limmud 2 and 3 (2-Block Session) Keeping Our Chapter Fun and Drug Free: Reaching Beyond “Just Say No”, Hanover F In this interactive workshop we will explore how the personal choices we make impact our chapter and our community. Building on the experience of programs like Sober Birthright, this session will mix personal stories with medical facts to create strategies to help develop a community to be sober not, somber.  Facilitator: Adam Abramowitz, Eric Miller and Ryan Stringfield, HAMSA Sessions: Limmud 3 Leading With Intention, Limmud 1: Hanover F, Limmud 2 and 3: Embassy F Learn how to create meaningful experiences with Amanda Slavin of CatalsytCreativ. Hear about what she learned along the way from event producer to author/world traveler. Facilitator: Amanda Slavin, CatalystCreativ Sessions: Limmud 1, Limmud 2, Limmud 3 Make a Difference for the Future of Jewish Education – Let Your Voice Be Heard, Marriott L-404 These days, it takes more than just your average confirmation class to inspire teens to be involved in their Jewish communities. It’s clear that ongoing innovation, and even some change, is required if we really want other Jewish teens to stay engaged. Be part of the conversation: join Nicole Miller from the Jewish Education Project in a dialogue to help shape the future of Jewish education and engagement. Make Jewish programming meaningful by sharing your ideas with people doing this work every day. Facilitator: Nicole Miller Robins and Les Skolnik, Jewish Education Project Sessions: Limmud 3