BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 52

General Information Shuk Details Program Schedule Additional Information 50 Get Up, Stand Up, Greenbriar d Experience a theatrical journey that explores prayer through a physical and emotional creative process. Learn how to provide access to prayer for peers in a welcoming and comfortable way, without the intimidation that can come from reciting a foreign language by rote. Facilitator: Jonathan Adam Ross, Storahtelling Sessions: Limmud 2 Global Education: Education for Life, Hanover B d Join a facilitated conversation focused on building a global network through local communities thus empowering students to be self sufficient and powerful adults.  Facilitator: Harry Nadler, World ORT Sessions: Limmud 2 G-d Loves the Genderqueers: Gender Diversity in Jewish Sacred Texts, Kennesaw What do traditional Jewish texts have to say about sex and gender diversity? How many central biblical figures have been described by leading rabbis as gender non-conforming? What can we learn from our traditional texts about a Jewish response to gender diversity? Come explore these questions and more as we dive into traditional and contemporary texts on gender diversity in Judaism. Facilitator: Joanna Ware, Keshet Sessions: Limmud 3 Homosexuality in Judaic Text: A Traditional, Accepting Response, Marriott M109 The Torah is traditionally understood to condemn sexual relations between men and has long been used as a weapon against GSD (LGBT) people. Using biblical, talmudic and contemporary texts, compare traditional and changing attitudes and ideas towards homosexuality while diving deep into the meaning of the legal proscriptions and prohibitions. Facilitator: Robbie Medwed, SOJOURN Sessions: Limmud 3 How to Be a Political Jewish Operative, Hanover C Did your Jewish mother ever tell you that you can become president one day? Senator? Representative? Ever fancy yourself being a spokesperson for the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Communications Director for a top politician, or the Policy person who solves the middle east peace crisis? Join two top Jewish Politicos as they teach you what you will need to enter the political world as a young, smart Jewish dynamo. Facilitator: Jenny Davis, National Jewish Democratic Council; Matt Brooks, Republican Jewish Coalition Sessions: Limmud 2 How To Create a Safe Space, Regency VII How do you create a space where people feel safe to be exactly who they are, instead of who they think they’re supposed to be? What would be possible in a space like that? Learn how to create a space where people feel heard, seen and like they belong – and watch the magic unfold! Facilitator: Emily Greener, I Am That Girl; Emmanuelle Chriqui, Actress and Activist Sessions: Limmud 2, Limmud 3 How To Make Difficult Decisions and Tough Choices Not So Tough, Marriott L-405 d Tough choices lie before all of us. College. Relationships. Family. Religion. The Future. How can we make these decision-making processes less difficult? This session will engage you and us together in conversation, strategies and ideas to help each of us feel calm, cool and collected as you navigate these tough choices. We will look to the wisdom from Jewish tradition, our community and within ourselves, and end our time together armed with tools and confidence. Facilitator: Mark S. Young, The Jewish Theological Seminary Sessions: Limmud 2 I Survived an Israeli Game Show, Marriott L-406 So you say you love Israel, right? Put your knowledge to the test with a fun and interactive game that’s sure to get you up and moving around, be wacky and will definitely be the highlight of IC. Whether it’s Israeli history, modern culture or Israel around the world, anything and everything is in this awesome program led by three StandWithUs MZ Teens.  Facilitator: Sam Finn, BBYO Michigan Region; Talia Weseley, BBYO Conneticut Valley Region; Joel Gutovitz, BBYO Mid-America Region: Kansas City Council; StandWithUs MZ Teen Fellows Sessions: Limmud 2 Icebreakers and Ideas: Games and Activities to Start Cultural Dialogue, Fairlie This is a highly interactive, high energy workshop designed to give you real, practical and immediately usable skills to help promote and sustain conversations about our differences. The