BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 49

Beyond Bagels and Lox: How Food Makes Us Jewish, Beit Midrash d From challah to rugelach, come on a culinary journey to discover the top 10 Jewish foods and how they define us as a people. Let’s talk and taste our way through this session! Facilitator: Annette Saks, BBYO International Kallah Sessions: Limmud 3 Build A Prayer Workshop, Marriott M106 Did you know that all of the prayers in Jewish services are based on the same simple formula? Bullying and Cyberbullying, Hanover E Look at bias and how it relates to bullying and cyberbullying. W’ll define the roles of bullying incidents and what we can do to be a more inclusive community. We’ll also discuss the intersections of bullying and cyberbullying. How are these similar and different? Facilitator: Erin Beacham, Anti-Defamation League Sessions: Limmud 3 Shuk Details Brotherhood: More Than Sports and Video Games, Kennesaw Most chapters repeat similar types of programs week after week. Come to this session to learn how to make the most out of each member’s BBYO experience and, in turn, strengthen the Brotherhood of your chapter. Facilitator: Jon Bridge, AEPi Sessions: Limmud 2 Note: AZA Only Building Organizations to Advance Social Change, Auburn Activism and advocacy are required for an organization to succeed, but these necessary skills are often hard to learn. We’ll discuss strategies for building grassroots organizations, drawing on Ari Ne’eman’s experiences with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Facilitator: Ari Ne’eman, Autistic Self Advocacy Network Sessions: Limmud 2, Limmud 3 Program Schedule Breaking the Ice: How to Plan and Execute the Perfect Ice Breaker for Your Chapter or Region, Hanover G We know the importance of icebreakers for chapter and regional programming, but how do we make sure the icebreaker achieves what we really need it to achieve? You will learn new ice breakers and games, share your favorites and learn how to plan the best ice breakers. Facilitator: Julie Finkelstein, Foundation for Jewish Camp Sessions: Limmud 2 Build Meaningful Relationships: The Coffee Lunch Coffee Approach, Hanover E How do you feel about networking? Are you energized by the prospect of meeting new people? Or does the very notion send you into fits of panic? Would you characterize yourself as an active networker? Or are you unsure of where to begin, concerned that you might be asking too much of others? During this 50-minute session, Alana Muller will share an overview of her concept, Coffee Lunch Coffee – an accessible, relevant, immediately actionable approach to professional networking for those interested in connecting with others, getting involved in their community, seeking to advance their career or looking to build social relationships. It will help you formulate a strategic mindset around networking while creating a game plan to get out there and connect. You will leave the session with ideas for advancing your networking efforts and bolstering the quality of your relationship base. Facilitator: Alana Muller, Coffee Lunch Coffee Sessions: Limmud 2 Additional Information Bill Gates, Lady Gaga and Steven Spielberg: Uncovering How The World’s Most Successful People Launched Their Careers, Embassy D At age 18, Alex Banayan set off on a quest to track down Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg and a dozen more of the world’s most successful people to uncover the secrets of how they launched their careers. After 4 years on his journey, Alex is here to share with you the answers. Whether your dream is starting your own company, getting into your dream college, learning under the wing of world-class mentors, accelerating your career or just transforming yourself into the person you’ve always imagined you could be, this session will reveal the tools you need—to get what you want. Facilitator: Alex Banayan, Venture Capitalist Sessions: Limmud 1, Limmud 2 Come de-mystify our liturgy – we’ll explore the prayers’ role in Jewish tradition, the components that make them come alive, and the evolution of Jewish practice over time. Ultimately, you’ll walk away with your very own personalized, meaningful (and totally) kosher prayer! Facilitator: Noah Zaves, NFTY Sessions: Limmud 2 47