BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 48

General Information Shuk Details Program Schedule Additional Information 46 LIMMUD SESSIONS 9 Steps to Double Your Chapter Size in a Year, Spring In 1988, Jason Yelowitz was Moreh of Morris Adler AZA #1855 in Central Region West. In the course of one year, he doubled the enrollment in the chapter (which was already the largest in his region) from 26 members to 52 members! Come learn the secrets of how he did it, and how he used that experience to become a well-respected businessman and entrepreneur. Facilitator: Jason Yelowitz, AZA Alumnus Sessions: Limmud 3 18 Things You Need to Know to Survive Freshman Year of College, Marriott M103 We are three full-time youth workers and have all been to three different schools and had three different experiences. We will share our stories as we discuss: life campus (school/life balance and greek life), reflective text study on their life journey and an activity to release fears and our concerns about entering next life stages. Facilitator: Elizabeth Foster, NFTY Alumna Sessions: Limmud 3 Adam and Eve: Does Sex Really Matter, Beit Midrash d Explore the Torah’s view on the concept of sex: learn about how the Torah and rabbis view sex and how it fits into a Jewish lifestyle. This will cover the origins of sex and how it has developed throughout history from a Jewish perspective. Facilitator: Rabbi Allen Saks, BBYO International Kallah Sessions: Limmud 2 A Jewish Approach to Individuals with Special Needs, Baker d Learn how interacting with individuals who have special needs can change your life. Facilitator: Bentzion Groner and Rochel Groner, Friendship Circle Sessions: Limmud 3 Am I My Brother’s Keeper?, International North Jacqueline Murekatete will share a personal testimony of surviving the 1994 genocide in Rwanda as a child, as well as ways in which you can get involved in preventing genocide and creating a more tolerant world. Facilitator: Jacqueline Murekatete, Rwandan Genocide Survivor Sessions: Limmud 1 A Personal Story of Jewish Identity and Community, International South A former world class athlete with a diverse background in education, real estate, leadership and athletics, Karen James delivers her story of Jewish identity, community building and women’s leadership in a candid and passionate manner. Karen started her journey as a competitive swimmer in the Maccabiah Games in Israel at the age of 12 and went on to become a member of Canada’s Olympic Swim Team, participating in the 1972 Games in Munich. Her personal experiences of the hostage taking and the terrifying surrounding events had a deep impact on Karen’s life and her Jewish identity. Facilitator: Karen James, Canadian Olympic Swimmer, 1972 Munich Games Sessions: Limmud 1 Awesome Israel, Marietta Israel - not really what you thought? Get to know cool Israel, like what’s hip now in Israeli music, art, fashion and, of course, the awesome Israeli food scene... We’ll explore, experience and even taste! Facilitator: Osnat Zur, Maccabi World Union Sessions: Limmud 3 Believing in G-d Today? C’mon, Marriott M108 Many people think that the world has out-grown the religious ideas about God first described in our Torah. Science gets in the way of belief to some, yet many find that Jews can believe in God without having to apologize or ignore what science teaches us about the world. Let’s look at some Jewish ideas about belief, and see how it works with what we know about the world today. Facilitator: Rabbi Sandford Kopnick, The Valley Temple Sessions: Limmud 2 Beneath the Helmet, Embassy B Beneath the Helmet: From High School to