BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 47

SHABBAT SERVICES Alephs Only, Courtland d Come to this brotherly themed service to combine the songs of our AZA Blue Book and the prayers of our people. This service will combine the formality of prayers with the characteristics of our AZA traditions. BBGs Only, Inman Celebrate the unique role women play in our tradition. Join BBGs from around the world for a service filled with ruach and BBG pride. Hebrew Letter Yoga, Embassy C d Hebrew Letter Yoga is an opportunity to connect both mind and body to yoga and prayer! This service will give you a better understanding of the Aleph Bet in a relaxing, recreational manner, while providing additional connection to prayer and the words we say.    It’s (Not) All Hebrew to Me: Global Judaism Through Prayer, Regency V d Together, we will explore what it means to be a Jew from a global perspective, examining prayer through a global context and discussing different topics that connect Jews to the rest of the world. Praying Through Dance and Movement, International South Combine the two artistic elements of song and dance into a one-of-a-kind service experience! A form of expression with our bodies, dance will bring an element of spirituality and selfexpression to the serv