BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 19

6:00 p.m. Execs – Opening of AZA and BBG Business Meetings, Regency VII JEI – Building Our Vibrant JEI Community • JEI Identify: BBYO Harmonized — The Jewish Rainbow Bridge, Dunwoody • Song Leading: BBYO Amplified — Building Our First Vibrant Community, Courtland • JEI Improve: BBYOrganized — Mic Check, Mic Check: What’s Your Story?, Greenbriar Execs – Global Gallery Walk, Regency VII 7:00 p.m. Aruchat Erev / Dinner, Regency V We will learn about our global movement, exploring how our Brother Alephs and Sister BBGs from around the world experience Jewish life in their local communities. 8:00 p.m. Execs – Steering Our Movement to Success, Regency VII Additional Information 6:30 p.m. JEI – Listening to Gain the Wisdom and Tools RDR – Who is Mr. Iha?: The Science of Growing BBYO Through Relationships, Farlie Shuk Details What if there was this guy who had all the answers about growing AZA and BBG chapters? What if there existed this mysterious fella who understood the 5 steps it takes to consistently grow BBYO? He exists and he’s here. His name is Mr. Iha, and you’ll learn all about him from The Social Excellence Project and Phired Up Productions. Program Schedule • JEI Identify: BBYO Harmonized — Wrestling to Harmonize, Dunwoody • Song Leading: BBYO Amplified — Amplifying BBYO Sings 2.0, Courtland • JEI Improve: BBYOrganized — Organizing Communities and Making Our Voices Louder, Greenbriar 17