BBYO International Convention 2015 Program Guide - Page 10

General Information Additional Information Program Schedule Shuk Details Role Modeling and Behavioral Expectations at BBYO International Convention 2015 8 Our Brother Alephs and Sister B’nai B’rith Girls, Your AZA and BBG leadership has been working for months to make this event exciting, meaningful and a great experience for everyone. In order to make sure BBYO IC 2015 exceeds even our highest expectations, each participant is expected to be an exemplary Aleph or B’nai B’rith Girl by acting in an appropriate manner at all times. While you are here, remember that you represent yourself, BBYO, your community and the Jewish people. We have a zero-tolerance approach to any violation of the BBYO Member Code of Conduct, the IC Behavioral Guidelines sent to you by email and any discipline matter that comes to the attention of the IC staff. If you are dismissed from IC for any violations, staff will arrange for your immediate travel home, at your family’s expense and without a refund. Thousands of teens around the world wanted to have the experience that we are all fortunate to have at IC 2015. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity and make us all proud! Here’s to making IC 2015 the best EVER! Sam Perlen Amanda Freedman 90th Grand Aleph Godol 70th International N’siah Aleph Zadik Aleph B’nai B’rith Girls