BBYO Annual Report FY 13 - Page 8

“This is the moment our ancestors were waiting for.” — Sarah Minion BBYO’s 2012–2013 International BBG President Summer Program Participation 1,336 DOMESTIC 1,228 DOMESTIC 1,078 DOMESTIC 759 819 INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL 696 INTERNATIONAL FY ‘11 6 FY ‘12 FY ‘13 Summer 2012 saw record-setting participation, particularly for our traditional AZA and BBG member programs that focus on leadership in the chapter (CLTC), regional and International level (ILTC) and Jewish exploration (Kallah). At the sold-out 2012 ILTC, BBYO teens learned to model leadership excellence by leading their peers in diverse Shabbat programming and developing a dynamic fundraising su BB LO O m Y K IN op me O i ca s tio r a e G FO p v by aci ns nd alu RW ty a g A a in R D cr ch nd lob tin ad al g ea al le d p ne se n r r d ge es og w de s si ra m po ng m an s d. ed GATHERING, GROWING, REACHING effort for BBYO’s International Service Fund (ISF) that raised $4,300 in just 11 days. For members and non-members alike, Summer of IMPACT programs in Boston, Chicago and DC immersed teens in service and leadership training, while hundreds of teens discovered the world and themselves in Israel, South Africa, Europe and the Americas with BBYO Passport as their guide.