BBYO Annual Report FY 13 - Page 5

Total BBYO Involvement 40,086 36,897 31,747 FY ‘11 FY ‘12 FY ‘13 “BBYO Stand UP gives teens the opportunity to take everything BBYO has given us and give it back to the community.” bo spe LO ys ci BB O K , a fic YO re IN pr g pr w G es ro oj il FO R en up ec l b W A te th ts e la R d at to u D in is e nc ng h Je g w en ag ing is e h ra e J ac lly ew tiv u is iti nd h es er . - — Jillian Curwin, Re’Ut BBYO, BBYO South Jersey Region AZA and BBG Growth Through BBYO Stand UP, a grassroots service, advocacy and philanthropy initiative, AZA and BBG chapters select causes they want to support, from bullying to human rights to world Jewry. In BBYO North Texas Oklahoma Region, an AZA chapter decided to tackle two issues at once — negative speech and pancreatic cancer — by selling discount cards within their local community, and donating the proceeds to support efforts of the Human Rights Campaign and the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center. BBYO teens who become active in BBYO Stand UP initiatives such as these can now track their efforts, find resources to enhance their work and recruit the support of friends through the new BBYO Stand UP website. In addition, they can convene at AZA and BBG Teen Issue Summits to focus as a movement on particular, pressing needs. This year, Summits addressed human rights, genocide prevention and Hurricane Sandy relief. 17,728 16,825 15,888 FY ‘11 FY ‘12 FY ‘13 BBYO FY 2013 Annual Report 3