BBYO Annual Report FY 13 - Page 19

FOUNDERS CIRCLE $100,000 AND OVER PARTNERS CIRCLE $25,000 AND OVER MENTORS CIRCLE $10,000 AND OVER Anonymous (3) The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Alpha Epsilon Pi The Marcus Foundation, Inc. ? Anonymous Alice and Paul Baker ? Allen Becker ? The David and Inez Myers Foundation ?? Sender Cohen ? Harriette and Theodore Perlman ??? Comerica Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation ? Judith Finer Freedman and Jeremy Freedman ? Stacy Schusterman and Steven Dow ?? Friends of BBYO, Inc. ?? B’nai B’rith Food Industry Lodge Foundation, Inc. ?? The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life Alex Goldman ?? Natasha and Robert Boucai ? Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund ? Cedar Brook Financial Partners, LLC ? George Kaiser Family Foundation Ct Anonymous Donor Advised Fund ?? Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds ? Shep Cutler ?? The Jim Joseph Foundation ? Diane and Howard Wohl ??? Anonymous Bender Foundation Inc. ? Gary and Carol Berman Family Foundation, Inc. ?? Bernstein Family Foundation Estee and Elliott Portnoy ??? $100,000 Jewish enrichment places a specialist in one of our geographic hubs Marvin and Betty Danto Family Foundation ? Robin and Steven Rotter ? Everett Foundation, Inc. ? The Spitzer Foundation ? Janis and David Finer ?? Ruth and Andrew Suzman ?? Leo & Rhea Fay Fruhman Foundation ?? Giant Eagle Foundation ?? GUARDIANS CIRCLE $18,000 AND OVER The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation ? Anonymous (2) The Barbara Epstein Foundation, Inc. ? B’nai B’rith Aaron Grossman Lodge #339 ?? Evan Kass ?? Anonymous Nathan Cummings Foundation The Eleanor and Herbert Katz Family Foundation ? The Maimonides Fund Rochelle and Dan Snyder ?? David Messer ? Daniel M. Soref Charitable Trust ?? Marsha Lilien Gladstein Foundation ?? Rosalie and Billy B. Goldberg Endowment Fund ?? The Herman Kaiser Foundation ? LEADERS CIRCLE $50,000 AND OVER Joel Gitlin ? Milgram Family Foundation ?? The Morningstar Foundation ? Bernard Katz ? The Ravitz Foundation ? $50,000 places a program professional in a community with high growth Key to Giving: ? Friends and Alumni Network (FAN), part or all of gift designated by donor to BBYO region(s) ? Legacy Society ? Sustainers, 3+ years of consecutive giving of $1,800 or more potential BBYO FY 2013 Annual Report 17