BBYO Annual Report FY 13 - Page 18

Our donors: OUR FUTURE “Some of the most important lessons I learned in my earlier life and the friendships I formed came out of my BBG experience.” — Karen Lerner, BBG Alumna, International FAN Co-Chair, Member of BBYO’s Honor Society In 2013, BBYO launched important new avenues for contributing to its financial future and appreciating those who give most generously. BBYO’s Honor Society recognizes and connects donors of annual gifts that amount to $1,800 or more. Within the Society are distinct circles of giving that offer donors escalating opportunities, benefits and access. In this first year, donations that qualify for the Honor Society equaled $9,195,424. BBYO’s Legacy Society makes it possible for alumni and friends of BBYO ch B LO B O ca alle YO K IN aff pa ng m G or cit es us FO da y o t a R W bl an f e dd A R e d k xp re D fo e a s r t ep nd s t ee in in he ns g g p d w pro ro ual or g g ld ra ra w m m id s e. to ensure that tomorrow’s teens have continued access to the high quality BBYO programming and opportunities that meant so much to them. In the Society’s first year, ten of our supporters made legacy gift bequests. Also this year, FAN committees played a growing role in strengthening BBYO’s financial vitality, and committee members personally donated to BBYO while energetically raising funds across their communities. Thank you! Total Donations $10,671,000 $9,766,000 $9,519,000 FY ‘11 16 FY ‘12 FY ‘13