BBYO Annual Report FY 13 - Page 14

INVESTING IN PEOPLE Jewish education is at the heart of several of this year’s efforts to strengthen BBYO by investing in BBYO’s content. BBYO now has three new Directors of Jewish Enrichment (DJE), each a highly trained Jewish educator who helps expand teens’ Jewish knowledge while bringing Jewish learning to their BBYO programming. The new DJEs are the primary delivery force of BBYO’s newly developed Educational Framework, designed to help teens feel more confident in their Jewish identity, more connected to Israel and the global Jewish community and more committed to improving the world. The Educational Framework was introduced in 2013 through events such as regional conventions and IC, reaching 2,800 teens, and through advisor training webinars and conferences. 81.4% of BBYO staff feel positively about their employment with BBYO 81.4% 67.5% Being actively involved in the Jewish community is something that has always been incredibly important to me. BBYO has enabled me to do that personally and professionally.” — Leora Hoenig, Program Director, FY ‘11 FY ‘13 ‘I never thought I could look at things that way,’ I know BBYO is making a difference.” 12 BUILDING S K I L LS BBYO Ohio Northern Region “When I hear, — Aleeza Lubin, Director of Jewish Enrichment, Midwest Hub L I F E LO N G G OA LS : Leora Hoenig was only a teen when she realized during a BBYO March of the Living trip that working with an organization like BBYO would always be a part of her life. Now in her third year as a full-time BBYO professional, Leora finds developing teens’ leadership skills especially satisfying. She also has continued to develop her own skills through participation in BBYO’s Professional Development Institute. “BBYO regularly identifies the strengths of their employees and gives them opportunities based on these strengths.” BBYO’s investment “has provided me with the skills to be an effective contributing member of the larger Jewish community as well as BBYO. My experience with BBYO has shaped who I am, and enabled me to help others along the same journey.”