BBYO Annual Report FY 13 - Page 10

it BB L a s FA YO O O K fu w nd N wi I N G he r le ll FO r a a f R id e l isin der urt W A ea ay g sh he s le re ip r n R D an a s b u d de ou y o rtu bu rs rc ff r ild ca e c er e sk n s en ing ill ha te s. re r The roots of our reach: GENERATIONS OF ALUMNI AND FRIENDS BBYO thrives because of its passionate supporters found in its Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) and volunteer advisors. These individuals enthusiastically commit their time, resources and skills toward the betterment of BBYO. FAN committees, now numbering 40 across North America, take an all-important lead in BBYO’s local fundraising, applying the same leadership skills, zeal and sense of fun that characterize BBYO itself. This past year, local FAN committees raised just over $2,000,000 in donations that exclusively support local programming. “Every individual has an important role in this movement.” — Stacy Friduss, Director, International Advisor Network 8