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Natural charm F O R Y O U R PAT I O E Set E • New! Earth-Tone Trim Planter Trio Decorate your patio or garden with this set of three ceramic planters. Each planter features a mixture of earth-tone shades to show off your greenery with a delicious dose of color. This super value set includes three pots in varied sizes, all with a matching abstract motif. Drain hole at bottom of each pot. Ceramic. Plants not included. Large: 12" x 12" x 8½" high; medium: 8¾" x 8¾" x 6½" high; small: 6¼" x 6¼" x 4¾" high. 10018507 Set $69.95 F • Barrel Tricycle Planter A small wooden rain barrel is ready for your favorite potted plant, and it’s all set on a charming country-style tricycle that will look great indoors or out. Fir wood. Some assembly required. Plant not included. 21" x 12" x 18" high. 10015794 $69.95 F H G I Light Up! J Set H G • New! Small Monticello Lantern with LED Candle Place this lantern in any corner of your home for a touch of timeless decor and elegance. Turn on the safe, flameless candle for a warm glow. Pine wood, iron, glass and LED light. Three AAA batteries not included. 5" x 5" x 12" high. 10018497 $29.95 H • New! Simple Rustic Lantern with LED Candle Add a sophisticated touch to your home with this lovely lantern. Turn on the flameless candle and instantly add an elegant glow to your room or patio. Pine wood, iron, glass and LED light. Three AAA batter W2B6VFVBb"b",+"vCbC3"P( "Wr'W7F2FW&vFTB6FRFBv&FFW"RvFF26&֖r&vR'W7F2FW&B&VG6W2vFfVW726FPFBvR&fVV7FFǒ&R6BfFrRvB&v72BTBƖvBF&VR&GFW&W2B6VFVB|+"|+"L+"vCBC3P( "VvF66267VGW&RFW"VBW"Vr6&vW267&F6W6RV6F26&֖r6VG'v&FV67VGW&R'W7F2f6V@WFV+"<+"L+"v3s6WBbRC3BP3