Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 89

CDREVIEW By Ty Campbell Lorenzo Feliciati - “Koi” Expect the unexpected. Once you think the style is set, it breaks into another. That is one of the factors that keep the musical creativity above the norm on Lorenzo Feliciati’s, “Koi.” Everything from the fluid fretted and fretless bass grooves to the horns, drums, percussion, piano, and other instrumentation just melds together to keep your interest peaked. This release is hard to classify into a specific genre, with changes coming at the drop of a hat when least expected. So what is a Koi you ask? It is the Japanese word for carp. There are several different varieties of Koi, just like the music on Lorenzo Feliciati’s CD. “Koi,” features Steve Jansen and Pat Masteletto (King Crimson) on drums, pianist bass trombonist Pierluigi Bastioli, baritone saxophonist Duilio Ingrosso, and of course, Lorenzo Feliciati on bass. Check out the press release here Lorenzo Feliciati’s Koi is available from RareNoise Records | Visit online at | 08.15 Alessandro Gwis, trumpeter Angelo Olivieri, saxophonist Nicola Alesini, trombonist Stan Adams,