Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 80

So, that aside, how does the Finger Bow actually sound? It sounds great, and reacts just like a traditionally sized bow would. One thing to note is that you will definitely notice any weaknesses in your bow technique with the size of the Finger Bow, especially when tied whole notes come into play. I was able to get two measures of tied notes out before switching direction after a little work with the bow. The Finger Bow is not going to replace my traditional bow; truthfully it’s not meant to. However, for the times that I need a bow that can quickly and easily navigate between arco and pizz passages, it will get the call. Bonus is that with its size, the Finger Bow works very well on electric bass as well, especially a Hofner with flats. It’s really fun to play a bowed line with the Hofner and get that look | 08.15 of “What is he doing?” Available through the Expanding Hands website, the Finger Bow lists for $65 (natural finish) or $70 (black finish) plus shipping (worldwide). There is also a left handed model available at no additional charge. Visit online at